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What is the Parmaceutical Life Cycle?

The Parmaceutical Life Cycle is a complex subject, the study of which necessarily entails the integration of many disciplines. The Collaborative Research Program on the Parmaceutical Life Cycle stems from a concerted effort by 39 Canadian and European researchers; they are integrating the 19 disciplines they represent and interactively—without restriction as to discipline or method—studying and explaining the workings of the Parmaceutical Life Cycle from development through consumption. The synergy between the different types of expertise that team members bring to the table allows us to go beyond the fragmentary, specific questions that are generally raised.

The aim is, among other things, to identify the dysfunctions in the cycle so that we can deal with interactions between medications, individuals and society in a totally new way. The ultimate objective is to develop methods and principles of policy for stakeholders so that they can rationalize the use and cost of drugs.

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