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A number of committees have been organized to support the operations of the Parmaceutical Life Cycle research program team.

Executive Committee

The Executive Committee meets regularly to provide administrative/scientific management for the Parmaceutical Life Cycle SSHRC Major Collaborative Research Initiative (MCRI). Its main tasks are to oversee the development and conduct of the scientific program (orientations, projects, membership, publications, and partnerships); and to receive, examine and follow up on requests, proposals and suggestions from researchers, students, post-doctoral fellows, and staff of the research program.

Publications Committee

The members of the Publications Committee are responsible for evaluating papers (scientific articles and commentaries) that have been submitted in order to ensure their relevance and scientific value for publication.

Ethics Council

Description forthcoming

Advisory Committee

In order to ensure proper conduct of the Parmaceutical Life Cycle SSHRC MCRI, the four members of the Advisory Committee play the role of external experts, issuing opinions and advice on the basis of social relevance, ethical and scientific issues and requests from the Coordinating Committee. The Advisory Committee holds annual meetings and its mandate is to:

Coordinating Committee

The role of the Coordinating Committee is to ensure the overall continuity of the program. Researchers will join this core group from time to time to raise and debate all the administration and integration issues that arise in pursuit of these projects.

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